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GDF National Classic LIVE status

You do not currently have any tracked horses. You can add new horses to your tracked entrants by visiting your My ShowNet members area, clicking 'My Tracked Entries and Alerts' and entering the back number of your desired horse.

Once you have entered back numbers to track, their status and results will be displayed here and updated automatically for you.

Ring Schedule

220FEI Intermediare 1 - Open08:40 AM2 View Results
219FEI Pix St George - Open08:40 AM1 View Results
219AFEI Pix St George - AA08:40 AM1 View Results
216JUSEF Fourth Level Test 1 - JR/YR08:40 AM1 View Results
227FEI Para TOC08:40 AM2 View Results
204USEF Training Level 1-Open08:40 AM1 View Results
207USEF First Level Test 1 - Open08:40 AM2 View Results
208USEF First Level Test 2 - Open08:40 AM1 View Results
213USEF Third Level Test 1 - Open08:40 AM3 View Results
213AUSEF Third Level Test 1 AA08:40 AM2 View Results
216USEF Fourth Level Test 1 - Open08:40 AM1 View Results
217USEF Fourth Level Test 2 - Open08:40 AM1 View Results
215USEF Third Level Test 3 - Open08:40 AM1 View Results
215AUSEF Third Level Test 3 - AA08:40 AM1 View Results
215JUSEF Third Level Test 3 - JR/YR08:40 AM1 View Results
225FEI TOC08:40 AM2 View Results
223USDF Freestyle (1st - 4th)08:40 AM1 View Results
224FEI Freestyle08:40 AM1 View Results
228FEI Para Freestylye TOC08:40 AM2 View Results